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The secrecy that we guarantee.
All confidential information , which we share with our clients , containing such data , such as personal and financial information , information about credit cards and other data , providing strictly limited access , without fail is encrypted using SSL, you guarantee maximum privacy and security.
We guarantee the secrecy of all confidential information received from customers. We also guarantee that this information will not be transferred or to whom or another, including the individual and the organization.
Security server software SSL.
We use 128- bit encoding of information on the server SSL, in accordance with the standards of USA. This is the highest standard used for encrypting information on the Internet. Note: The United States government restricts the sale of these encryption systems outside the United States . Our server is located in the U.S., and thanks to our American partners , we are able to ensure your Internet safety at the highest world level.
Server SSL.
The protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts all data transmitted over the Internet between a client and a server. This system ensures the transfer of information only between clients connected to each other through this protocol , and data access or interception and use of information by third parties is not possible .

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